wanted - 3rd Chromosome balancer with special properties

Emma Rushton rushton at biology.utah.edu
Fri Aug 30 20:11:59 EST 1996

Dear Drosophilists,

I am looking for 3rd chromosome balancers that will help us in our screen
of mature embryos.
We need to be able to distinguish our homozygous mutant embryos from
homozygous balancer embryos at stage 16, without fixing or otherwise
killing the embryos.

One possibility would be to use a balancer which is reliably lethal at late
larval or pupal stages, as we are interested in embryonic and early larval

Another possibility would be to use a balancer which carries some very
obvious mutation such as a segmentation mutation or strong head defect or
something like snail, affecting early morphogenetic movements, which gives
a strong late phenotype.

If anyone has, or knows of such 3rd chromosome balancers, I will be
eternally grateful if you tell me where to find them!!!  Or if you have any
other ideas, please let me know.  Thanks a lot,


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