TM3 (sb) balancer homozygous lethal

Emma Rushton rushton at
Fri Aug 30 20:07:04 EST 1996

In article <322184ED.2C34 at>, gbga68 at UDCF.GLA.AC.UK (Yong Yu)

> Hi,
> My study involves the case of TM3(sb) balancer homozygous lethal on 
> Chromosome 3. I am eager to know the exact stage of death of such 
> lethalty.  If anyone happens to know please tell me.
> Many thanks!
> Ji

My experience is that TM3 dies at the end of embryogenesis.  TM3 homozygous
embryos develop to maturity, apparently normally, except that a large
fraction of embryos fail to fill their trachea with air.  The embryos then
fail to hatch and subsequently die.  
To be sure, you should check this for yourself, as different strains may
differ slightly.  If you would like to know how to do this, email me.

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