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> We have recently been having problems with our fly food drying our too much.
> We are using a cornmeal/yeast/agar mixture with sucrose glucose and
salts added.
> We tried reducing the agar from about 8 gms/ltr to 6 gms/ltr.  This does
> not seem to have helped.  The problem started about the time we got a new
> batch of cornmeal, and I am wondering if the meal could be causing the
> problem.  It appears to be the same courseness as the previous batch.
> We are now contemplating increasing the water in the recipe by 10%.  If
> anyone has any idea what may be causing our problem, and/or how to fix it,
> your advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Jim Price
> jprice at

Our current recipe for fly food is as follows:

1 litre water
10 g/l agar (we have used both powdered and granulated)
15 g yeast
60 g sugar
100 g cornmeal (we have used many different brands of cornmeal)
3.7 g nippigan (anti-fungal agent)

Add agar to boiling water, when melted add yeast, sugar, cornmeal and Nip
(which has been dissolved in ethanol).  After pouring, the vials are
covered with paper towels and left to dry overnight.  The vials are capped
the next morning and put into dark autoclave bags.  

This recipe has never given us any problems.  I hope I have helped you.


Molecular Genetics Unit
University of Western Ontario
London, ON

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