Balancer chromosomes

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On 29 Jan 1996, Sebastien Michaud wrote:

> Salutations to all !
> 	I am looking for any basic references about the construction and usage
> of balancer chromosomes for Drosophila genetics (as this will allow me to
> concisely explain to my lab fellow -which are NOT geneticist- what is and
> why do we use such chromosomes).
> 	Thank you very much,
> 					Sebastien Michaud
> 				      (smichaud at

>Hello Sebastien,

Lindsley & Zimm's Genome of Drosophila melanogaster (Academic, 1992) and 
Michael Ashburner's Drosophila: A Laboratory Handbook  (ColdSpring Harbor 
Lab Press, 1989) will give you the needed info as well as added biblio.

FlyBase (URL address may also provide you the 
needed info.

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