natural breeding sites of North American Drosophila

Hampton Carson hampton at
Wed Feb 14 15:21:46 EST 1996

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time searching out the natural 
oviposition sites of endemic drosophilids and I know the people at Leeds 
are gathering ecological information on this subject. In a arecent paper 
on the pollination biology of the Arrow Arum (Peltandra virginica) of 
Eastern U. S. Joe Patt and his co-workers at Rutgers (Amer. Jour. Bot. 
82:1230-1240 1995) have documented that Drsophila subpalustris oviposits
 on and comnpletes development on the staminate inflorescences of this 
species. As the drosophilid is not involved in pollination, not much 
point is made in the paper about this and it could be easily overlooked by
ecology-minded drosophilists.

With aloha to all,

Hamp Carson

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