Mike Tormey nobody at
Tue Feb 20 09:20:08 EST 1996

I am only a student in high school, so this is a very basic
question. My class is cross breeding different types of
drosophila. I am breeding a group of wild type with a group
of eyless type. My problem is differentiating between male
and female. I was told that their gender depends on the shape
of their end segment. Can anyone help me sort them out? Also,
I have to knock them out so I can seperate them. My only
options are to put them in my freezer, or use a device that
will gas them with carbon dioxide. Neither method lasts long
enough to seperate them. I have to have the first batch ready
by the 22nd of this month. Can anyone help me with this
problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

		-Mike Tormey <mtormey at>

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