epitope tagging for ovary detection

Michael Forte forte at ohsu.edu
Mon Feb 26 18:30:51 EST 1996

In article <4gofqg$49r at nntp3.u.washington.edu>, dgilles at u.washington.edu
(Doreen Gillespie) wrote:

> I am looking into possible epitopes to use for tagging a protein 
> expressed in the germline.  Does anyone have suggestions, experience, 
> epitopes to avoid?  My understanding is that myc tags have been extremely 
> variable, due in part to poor antibodies.  Has anyone tried the 
> hemaglutinin epitope?  One of my key concerns is high background--the 
> 9E10 myc antibody isn't fantastic, and I don't know about the 
> hemaglutinin antibody (BAbCO).
> Thanks for any thoughts,
> Doreen Gillespie

We have had good luck using the HA antibody (12CA5; Boehringer) in flies. 
Although we have not looked a lots of tissues, it certainly works cleanly
in imaginal discs and pupal wings.

Mike Forte

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