Q> peoples addresss(email and fax) whose have study Toll gene using Drosophila cell lines.

Young-Rok Seo young at KISTMAIL.KIST.RE.KR
Tue Feb 27 02:47:14 EST 1996

Dear Sir:

I'm a postgraduate student from Korea university, Seoul, Korea.
My major is insect phisiology.
I'm also engaged in genetic cytotoxicalogy lab. in Doping Control Center,
KIST(Koreea Science & Technology).

 Well, I saw many paper about Toll gene. Especially, I noted Drosophila SL2
cells have toll gene and have immunocyte-like character(such as cell
aggregation, adhesion). Can you kindly let me know the information of people
who studying on that topics.

I am looking forward to hearing of your responding.



Young-Rok Seo.
Genetic Toxicology Lab., Doping Control Center, Korea Institute Science &
Technology, P.O.Box 131, Cheonryang, Seoul 130-650, Korea.   
Fax: 82-2-958-5059
E-mail : young at kistmail.kist.re.kr

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