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> I am planning to do a screen involving a lot of stock transfering and
> screening by in situ hybridisation.  I was wandering if anyone has come
> across any automated method of transferring fly stocks (e.g. 100 vials at a
> time in a manifold) or an efficient method of collecting and fixing very
> large numbers of embryos from different stocks.
> Thanks for your help,
> Ilan

I work in Daniel St Johnston's lab here in Cambridge,  and presently I am
attempting to do a screen where we hope to screen 1000 lines a week, 
fixing then staining embryos with X-Gal.   We made 18 well blocks from
Roehren tubes,  and had 18 well staining dishes made for us,  that fit
conveniently onto the 18 well tubes. It's not automated,  but makes the
staining of a 1000 different lines reasonably straightforward. - e-mail me
if you want more details. 


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