looking for information of study of the fly

Dehui Mi mdh310 at imap2.asu.edu
Wed Jan 24 16:58:46 EST 1996

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       I am studying the use of the fly. I believe that the fly is the most
important friend of human. It is the new source of medication and food of
human. I am looking for the friends who have the same interest  with me. I
want to get helps listed below:
       1. All sorts of methods and patents extracting useful materials from
       the fly.
       2. The new achievements in the fly research.
       3. I can work together with the corporation that needs the meterials
       from the fly.

       My email address is: SSScc at public.szptt.net.cn
       Thank you very much for your helps.

                       Mr. Yang Weibu


Dehui Mi
Arizona State Univerity
MDH310 at imap2.asu.edu

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