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Tue Jan 30 10:21:32 EST 1996

As a result of some really bizarre email, it has come to my attention
that someone posted this rude and inexplicably intolerant message using 
my name and address.  It is not yet clear whether this was some sort of
error, a tasteless practical joke, or something more insideous.

Although I am not a participant in this newsgroup, I expect that several
of my friends and colleagues are.  Let me assure you that I find this
comment as tasteless as you do, if not more so.  If we haven't chatted
lately, I would love to hear from you now that you have my address
(that's the bright side).

On the dark side, it is somewhat scary to think that any of us could 
have our reputations damaged by comments misattributed to them.

Bill Segraves
segraves at

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