Adam Noel Harris adhar at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 30 12:47:53 EST 1996

Bill Segraves (segraves at said this stuff:
: As a result of some really bizarre email, it has come to my attention
: that someone recently posted a rude and inexplicably intolerant message 
: using my name and address.  It is not yet clear whether this was some 
: sort of error, a tasteless practical joke, or something more insideous.


: On the dark side, it is somewhat scary to think that any of us could
: have our reputations damaged by comments misattributed to them.

The Path and Message-ID point to someone at Yale.  It could be a forgery 
but I suspect you probably left your account open on a computer 
somewhere.  Remember never to leave your login unattended.

: Bill Segraves
: segraves at

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