human/Drosophila links now available!

Amy Voltz avoltz at GDB.ORG
Tue Jun 11 13:42:50 EST 1996

Announcing links from human genes to Drosophila homologues!
Gene entries in the human Genome Database (GDB) are now linked to
homologous genes in Drosophila species within the FlyBase database. These links
(600+) can be found within the "Homology" section of human gene entries in
FlyBase is a Drosophila genome database that contains genetic and other
information collected from all current and past scientific studies on these
species of fruit fly. Since all species of Drosophila are represented by
FlyBase, the Homology links from any given human gene may contain several
links to FlyBase.  Gene symbols of the class Nnnn\* (e.g., Dgua\Hsp22) are
from species other than Drosophila melanogaster.
We would like to thank those at FlyBase who have made it possible to
provide these links to the community, especially Michael Ashburner,
Don Gilbert and Wayne Rindone.
Amy K. Voltz, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Johns Hopkins University, Sch. of Medicine
Division of Biomedical Information Sciences
avoltz at       (410) 614-0440

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