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In article <DnnDsp.3rB at midway.uchicago.edu>, mnoo at quads.uchicago.edu (Mohamed Noor) writes:
>About 2 years ago, someone on this newsgroup posted a list of all the companies
>that sell Tedion and their prices.  I seem to have lost my hard copy of this
>list.  Does anyone out there still have it?  If so, could you please post it
>again, or e-mail it to me?  Thank you for your help.
	Tedion is a rare chemical and our lab knows only of one source.
Our last order was in 1994 for 5 grams at $15 from:

	Alfred Bader Library of Rare Chemicals
	Div. of Aldrich Chemical Co.
	P.O. Box 355
	Milwaukee, WI 53201

	Please contact popadic at bscr.uga.edu with any questions.  I hope
this helps.
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