Help : K currents from Drosophila embryonic neurons

Vijay Gupta gupta at
Wed Mar 6 16:56:15 EST 1996

Hi ! 

I am recording potassium currents from Drosophila embryonic neurons, and 
have some technical queries. 

Is it easy to go into the whole cell mode of voltage clamp without 
getting any leak currents? I find that the probability of getting a good 
current is very low in this system. I want to know if this generally 
happens while recording potassium currents from this system. 

Can anyone tell me the success rate of recording potassium currents from 
these neurons?

IS observing a high leak common in these cells? 

How long can the currents be recorded from these cells in the whole cell 

Can anyone send me a good embryonic culture protocol?

IS there a procedure to obtain isolated neurons other than using 
cytochalasin/chemically enriched medium?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I am posting this from a friend's account so could you please reply
to me at khanna at



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