jan lab PlacW lines

zeng at itsa.ucsf.edu zeng at itsa.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 7 07:05:08 EST 1996

We have received many requests over the years for copies of 
our Jan lab enhancer trap, PlacW lines.  We would appreciate 
a response from all those who have worked with, and further 
characterized, our lines.  Please let us know any 
information you might have on staining pattern, lethality, 
and cytology. (Did your results confirm our refute our 
original findings?).  Also, we'd love to hear about any 
cloning done using our lines.  We hope to compile this 
information (cited of course) with the data we already have, 
so that, when future stock orders come in we can update 
requesters on what has been done with our flies.  Please 
call us at (415)476-5831, or email us at 
aturner at itsa.ucsf.edu.  Thanks for your help.

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