RP49 as a control in RT-PCR?

Lauryl Nutter lmjnutte at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Sat Mar 9 01:31:12 EST 1996

Hello again,

I want to use RP49 as a control in RT-PCR to test for cDNA quality.  Has 
anyone used this before?  If so, I would really appreciate the sequence 
of the primers that you used along with the PCR conditions.  If not, 
what have people been using out there?  And again, I would appreciate 
the relevant sequence and reaction conditions.  Given my previous post, 
something else may be better for RT-PCR on testis RNA???  

By the way, no I don't want this to be quantitative PCR, I just want to 
be able to judge RNA/cDNA quality.

Thanks for your help.

Lauryl Nutter
Dept. Biological Sciences
The University of Calgary
lmjnutte at acs.ucalgary.ca

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