inducible promoter

Mitch Dushay mitch at
Sat Mar 9 05:21:41 EST 1996

Roger Jacobs wrote:  Ectopic expression driven by heat shock activation of
hsp70 or hsp82 in adult Drosophila can induce phenocopies that complicate
analysis. Does anyone know of an efficient way to activate these promoters
without heat?

I hope he gets good answers.  I'd like to ask a broader question.  What
other inducible promoters are available for fly work?
I believe the methotrexate promoter turns on with exposure to copper.
The cecropin promoter turns on in fat body and hemocytes in response to
  injury and infection.
Ideally, one would want a not-too-leaky promoter that can be activated
with minimal experimenter effort and fly stress.  Is someone out there
working on such an inducible gene whose promoter could be harnessed?
Thanks for any and all suggestions.
mitch at

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