Inquiring about hsp27 of Drosophila

Adam Noel Harris adhar at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 12 16:23:53 EST 1996

I have come to regret that I wrote:

: Yes, actually, I'm well aware of that.  Young-Rok, I think you should 
: probably try some other resources for information.  It seems you post 

As a result of re-reading my own post and the responses it precipitated, 
I'd like to offer a two-part apology.

First, clearly my response above was directed at a single person, 
Young-Rok.  As such it should have been emailed directly to Young-Rok and 
not posted to this newsgroup/mailing list.  Sorry for hogging disk space 

Consequently I have cancelled the original post, although it 
will live on for eternity in the bionet archives.  I encourage others to 
take the resulting flamewar to email where it will sooner or later die a 
deserving death.  I also encourage those who may have made embarrassing 
generalizations about certain nations (and populous sub-regions 
thereof) to cancel their posts.

Secondly, I realize that my original post was more sardonic than I 
intended, and so I apologize to Young-Rok publicly.  Certainly, my comment 
about the length of his fellowship was tounge-in-cheek, as I'm sure were 
comments others have made to me in email about the likelihood my career 
will advance.

Sorry for mucking up what is otherwise a very polite group, provided no 
one is talking about Dave Barry.

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