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Dianne Stern stern at MAIL1.CIWEMB.EDU
Tue Mar 12 12:52:00 EST 1996

                           Subject:                         Time:   3:45 PM
                           Df list                          Date:   3/11/96

Does anyone has any of these Df's???
  1.  Df(3L)1227; breakpoints 063C01-02;063F01-02
  2.  Df(3L)ems13; breakpoints 064B02-04; 064E01-13
  3.  Df(3L)VW1; breakpoints 069E02-F01; 070C01
  4.  Df(3L)Gl1; breakpoints 070C01-15; 071B01-08
  5.  Df(3L)VV8; breakpoints 074B01-02; 074F01-02
  6.  Df(3L)W7; breakpoints 074D03-04; 075C03-07
  7.  Df(3L)ru-K2; breakpoints 061F04-05; 062A10-B01
  8.  Df(3L)HR298; breakpoints 063B01; 064A06
  9.  Df(3L)Vn; breakpoints 064C12-D01; 065D02-E01
10. Df(3L)Hn; breakpoints 066A01-22; 066B01-13
11. Df(3L)Mg26; breakpoints 066C01-13; 066D01-15
12. Df(3L)comm-X4; breakpoints 070B01-07; 070C01-15
13. Df(3L)ri-K2; breakpoints 076D01-08; 077E01-F05
14. Df(3R)p30; breakpoints 084F08-10; 085D03-05
15. Df(3R)sbd105; breakpoints 088F09-089A01; 089B09-10
16. Df(3R)L16; breakpoints 096A01-10; 096E01-12
17. Df(3R)Espl10; breakpoints 096F05-07; 097B01

If you do, please e-mail me at Stern at mail1.ciwemb.edu
These Df's will be used to do complementation crosses to l(3) P-element lines.
 It will be very appreciated for your help and the time and money expended!!!
Thanks alot!!
Lab Technician
Allan Spradling Lab

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