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>    I have some questions for you. This is about studies concerned my
>sister in
>   1. She has a Bachelors And Masters in Zoology, i.e., Spcilization in
>      and she is right now working in drosiplia. I dont know much about
>her work.
>      Will she be able to continue her research in USA ?
>   2. Since I am Comp. Sci student I dont know much about it So are there any
>      research wings/ Universities you can recommend me so that I can get some
>     information
>    Please post on the net since I am not able to get mails due to
>security reasons.
>Srikanth Merianda

First I'm sorry I haven't written a reply sooner, but I'm trying to finish
up my thesis here. Secondly I apologize to the others on this mailing list,
but this was the only way to reply back.

There are many opportunities for Drosophila research here in the United
States; I'm sure most subscribers to this list agree. If you have access to
the web, a good source of information on Drosophila laboratories is at


If you can't access this, here's a very incomplete list of universities
that have a community of Drosophila researchers: University of Texas -
Southwestern Medical Center (Just because I'm from here); Yale; Penn State
University; Columbia University; University of Illinois; Washington
University; University of Washington; John Hopkins/Carnegie Institute;
I'm sure after this posting there will be other posting similar to it!

Kathleen Clark

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