American Cancer Society Research Project Grants (nee: RCIG)

Thu Mar 14 10:10:48 EST 1996

Am I the only one suckered into to writing a research grant for submission
to the American Cancer Society's next April 1st deadline, only to find
out after finishing the first draft that the ACS has decided to limit its
research grant program to junior investigators?  (It was a nice little
ditty on the role of a Drosophila homolog to a protooncogene in the
control of cell proliferation.)  Perhaps I am only the first, since I was
probably doing it a little earlier than most people would.

I am only sending this out as warning to anyone else in a senior position
thinking of submitting a grant to ACS, saying not to bother.  That potential
source is no longer.

While I don't have any real complaints with the ACS's decision to try
to carve a niche for itself in helping junior investigators become
established, it does really seem to limit the choices for funding for
marginally established investigators (most of us unwashed soles).  I
guess it's just a sign of the times.

Jym Mohler

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