e-mail address of Dr.K.E.Whitlock?

yamaoka kageyuki bun 6631 dros at HAKUSRV.TOYO.AC.JP
Sun Mar 17 04:57:14 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:
Does anyone know the e-mail address or the Fax number of
Dr. Kathleen E. Whitlock at the Institute for Neuroscience,
University of Oregony?
If you do, please e-mail me at dros at hakusrv.toyo.ac.jp
Thanks for your help.
Kageyuki Yamaoka PhD.        dros at hakusrv.toyo.ac.jp
Natural Science Laboratory, Toyo University Asaka Campus
2-11-10 Oka, Asaka, Saitama, 351, Japan.
Phone: (81)-48-468-6631 & -6717; Fax: (81)-48-468-6790

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