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Sun Mar 17 06:39:21 EST 1996

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>I'm a 2nd yr Medical Science Student in Aust. I was wondering if anyone 
>could help me with this tutorial problem. I know it seems really simple 
but I think there is something deeper in it. Please don't flame me cause 
you think it's a really stupid question :)
>Any help would be appreciated...
>Tah..Melissa Trentin (mtrentin at Private replies please :)
>Q: Pure breeding vestigial wing Drosophilia were crossed with flies 
>homozygous for cinnabar eye colour. The F1 progeny were crossed to 
>homozygous vestigial cinnabar flies to produce the following progeny:
>Wild type: 30   Cinnabar:190   Vestigial: 160  Vestigial Cinnabar: 20
>How are the two characterists inherited? I would appreciate any help 
>:))))))) MEL

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