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aloisia schmid a-schmi at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 18 21:39:41 EST 1996

(Ginger Carney) wrote:

> I'd like to thank everyone who offered help on my request for a vendor for
> tungsten wire.  I'd like to share some of the replies which were most useful.
> Aldrich Biochemical  stock #35,697-2
> (800)558-9160
> Ernest F. Fullam, Inc.                 Ted Pella, Inc.
> 900 Albany Shaker Rd.
> Latham, NY 12110
> Alfa Products                          World Precision Instruments, Inc.
> Thiokol / Ventron Division             375 Quinnipac Ave.
> 152 Andover St.                        New Haven,CT 06513
> Danvers, MA 01923                      (203)469-8281
> Thank you again.
> Ginger Carney
> gecarney at uga.cc.uga.edu

I'd like to ask a related question.  How are people sharpening these
wires?  I keep borrowing an apparatus from someone down the hall, which
incoporates a direct current power source, eletrical connections to the
tungsten wire, and to a ground, and a saturated sodium nitrate (I think)
solution as the corrosive buffer.  But I find that to be so inconvenient. 
Is there a better way?


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