leakiness in UAS system?

Frank Sprenger sprenger at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Thu Mar 21 18:26:02 EST 1996

At 8:29 AM 3/21/96, Dale A Dickinson wrote:
>Hi all
>Our lab has some preliminary results which suggest that UAS-fussion
>constructs are leaky.  I have read a lot about this system, and haven't
>come across any reports that suggest leakiness.  Does anyone out there
>know if this has been observed before?  It is quite important that the
>lines I construct do not express until crossed to gal4 lines.
>Please feel free to email me directly,
>Dale Dickinson
>Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
>University of Guelph
>Guelph, ON Canada
>dadickin at uoguelph.ca

We also observe leakiness using the pUAST vector that interestingly is
temperature dependent. At 17 C I don't see any problems but at 25 C all the
flies die because of leaky expression of the transgene.

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