[bio.dros] Re: leakiness in UAS system?

ITO, Kei itokei at fly.erato.jrdc.go.jp
Thu Mar 21 20:08:31 EST 1996

>>Our lab has some preliminary results which suggest that UAS-fussion
>>constructs are leaky.  I have read a lot about this system, and haven't
>>come across any reports that suggest leakiness.  Does anyone out there
>>know if this has been observed before?  It is quite important that the
>>lines I construct do not express until crossed to gal4 lines.

>>Dale Dickinson
>>Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
>>University of Guelph
>>Guelph, ON Canada
>>dadickin at uoguelph.ca

The UAS region acts as a weak promoter, just like the P- and hsp- promoters
in the enhancert-trap constructs, albeit much weaker. We have got lots of
strains with UAS-lacZ at various insertional sites, and found several of
them show specific expressions. Thus, the GAL4-independent  UAS expression
is position-dependent. You can make many strains that carry your
UAS-construct at various loci, and should be able to find a strain that
show no leaky expression.

Good Luck


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