Deficiency kit update - DK2 & DK3, March 1996

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Thu Mar 28 18:51:09 EST 1996

This is a repeat of a posting originally sent to bionet.dros on 3/26, but
appears to have been lost.  Apologies if it ends up a duplicate.  --  KM

The following additions have been made to the deficiency kit maintained by 
the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.  Our thanks to the donors of these 
stocks.  The two lines marked 'not yet available' are still in quarantine; 
they should be available in 2 to 4 weeks.  A complete list of stocks in the 
current deficiency kit is available on FlyBase in the file stocks/stock-
centers/bloomington/df-kit.rpt2.  All deficiency stocks held at Bloomington 
are listed in the file stocks/stock-centers/bloomington/df.rpt2.

Added to DK2:

490  Df(2L)E110          25F3-26A1;26D3-11
384  Df(2L)N22-5         29D1-2;30C4-D1
368  Df(2L)N22-3         30A1-2;30D1-2
556  Df(2L)s1402         30C;30F
596  Df(2R)GJ68-36       46F1-2;47D1-2       (not yet available)
520  Df(2R)E3363         47A;47F             (not yet available)
543  Df(2R)017           56F5;56F15
590  Df(2R)59AB          59A1-3;59B1-2

Added to DK3:

339  Df(3R)6-7      82D3-8;82F

--  Kathy

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