eclosion problems

Kathleen Gajewski sa08383 at ODIN.MDACC.TMC.EDU
Tue Nov 5 16:14:35 EST 1996

A point of minor curiosity:
Every now and then in the course of my fly collecting I will find some 
poor fly that has only made it partially out of its pupal case.  If I go 
ahead and dissect it out, I invariably find that it is caught in a 
white, fibrous material (the amount varies from fly to fly, and the more 
of it I find, the less progress the fly was able to make in eclosing).  Does 
anyone know what this tissue is? Is it left over pupal cuticle? Thanks 
for any answers anyone can give me.					
				Kathleen Gajewski
				Schulz Lab
				Dept. of Biochemistry
				M D Anderson Cancer Center 

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