How to get rid of fruit flies in house

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> Our house seems to be getting taken over by fruit flies!

If they're actually fruit flies, they should have a strong attraction for
(*very*) ripe fruit, beer, even baked goods -- it's the yeast smell that
they lust after. Part of the problem with the traps you describe is that
once the flies go in, they may crawl around on the "ceiling" until they
find a hole and leave again. What we use in the lab is conceptually
similar, but use a funnel (pointing down into the container) to cover the
top.  Flies tend to walk upward, against gravity, and so don't figure out
how to escape as readily.

In any case, try some traps where the fly density seems highest. Closing
doors between rooms might help you narrow down the source. If you get
really desperate, you might have to resort to insecticide. Good luck.

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