Post-doctoral position

Mark VanBerkum mvanberk at
Fri Nov 22 14:10:54 EST 1996

Please post the following announcement:


Use genetics and molecular biology to
1. develop and study models of human Neurodegenerative disease in the fruit
fly Drosophila melanogaster; or
2. study the signal transduction mechanisms used in a growth cone during
axon guidance (e.g. Neuron (1995) 14,43-56).

Candidates should send CV and 3 letters of reference to Dr. Mark VanBerkum,
Ph.D., Dept. Biological Sciences, Wayne State University, 5047 Gullen Mall,
Detroit, MI 48202 (or mvanberk at

Mark F.A. VanBerkum, Ph.D
Department of Biological Sciences
Wayne State University
5047 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202
313-577-5554 (office)
313-577-2665 (lab)
313-577-6891 (FAX)
mvanberk at

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