Blowfly Embryonic cDNA Libr

Philip Batterham Philip_Batterham at MUWAYF.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Tue Oct 1 20:55:29 EST 1996

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:43 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Blowfly Embryonic cDNA Library        Date:  2/10/96

Dear Drosophilists,
                               This is a repeat of a message which I put on
the network a few months ago.  Given that requests have continued to flow in I
thought it was worth repeating.

I have a Lambda Zap II cDNA library constructed using mRNA isolated from
0 - 8 hour embryos (first half of embryonic development) in the Australian
sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina.  The Lucilia and Drosophila lineages diverged
about100 million years ago.  We (along with other groups) have had
considerable success in isolating Lucilia clones with Drosophila probes or
degenerate primers.  The L. cuprina genes are extremely useful in searches for
domains which have been conserved due to functional constraint in evolution. 
Our laboratory is attempting to align the linkage maps of L. cuprina with that
of D. melanogaster.  We are willing to send an aliquot of the amplified
library to other laboratories.  It is our hope that in return other groups
might send us L. cuprina cDNA clones for localisation to the genetic map.

Please send a note if you are interested in receiving the library.  A FEDEX
account number would help, but is not essential.
Best wishes, Phil Batterham 

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