ry[506] and FM7a stock?

Christophe Roos roos at operoni.helsinki.fi
Mon Oct 7 13:37:15 EST 1996

Dear reader,

We are looking for a strain which has

   -1. a  X-balancer displaying viable homozygotes (e.g. FM7a)
   -2. is ry[506] homozygote

Purpose: We are planning a first P-element excision mutagenesis. The 
transposon contains ry+ and is on the X. The background is ry[506]. We could
do such a strain ourselves, but prefer to speed up the experiment by about 3 
generations as we would in any case have to order some stocks for this purpose.

If any reader of this message has such a strain close at hand, I would be 
gratefull to hear about it.

Thank you for your attention.


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