ubiquitous lacZ

Ruth Diez del Corral Rdiez at mvax.cbm.uam.es
Tue Oct 15 13:29:17 EST 1996


I am making a mosaic analysis of a mutation in the 3L chromosome and I
would like to label the cells using the LacZ gene under the control of a
constitutive promoter. I know such a gene was designed by J.P. Vincent,
C.H.Girdham and P. H. O'Farrell using the armadillo constitutive promoter
but the insertions were in chromosome X and 2. I wonder if anybody has
made a jump to the 3L (it's not that I am lazy but I am in a hurry!). Any
other LacZ or Green Fluorescent Protein insertion in the 3L ubiquitously
expressed would also be welcome.
Thank you very much, in advance.


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