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>thank you very much for bringing a little the light into the darkness why
>the RPs are the RPs.
Even now I feel something about using some acronym without reasonable
meanings. When I teach my students about some technical matters without
showing the origins, my students must remain those in their memories
automatically. It's , I think, hightly objectionable, because some
acronyms will be efflorescent, like the case of the WWW address.
It means that some of my colleagues misunderstand the URL and ULR,
Do you imagine this? Supposing the person understands URL means
he never miss about it.
We must be careful to do give a name to something, and using some
I'm investigating about the motor neurons innervating the 6A and 7A
muscles of the Drosohila larvae, electrophysiologically and
morphologically.Unfortunately, to identiy the neurones, I still feel
some anxiety that the neurons I identied, is truly "RP" neurons,
becuse the rational mean of "RP" is still unknown.
If you have some idea or infos about the standard how to identify
the neurons as "RP" family, please let me know this.

>udolph at wrote
>Dear Yamaoka,
>thank you very much for bringing a little the light into the darkness why
>the RPs are the RPs. I was right in telling you that it means raw prawn but
>I did not know why these neurons were named like this and what the meaning
>really is. It is very nice that the name of these prominent neurons are
>linked to a kind of an  anectod. 
>Best wishes,

Best Wishes

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