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>Unless the NCBI has added new features that I'm unaware of, one cannot
>search a subset of the sequence databases.
>I was wondering if a fly group has prepared a publicly accessible server
>that contains *only* Drosophila sequence data and the BLAST programs.
>Optimally, this restricted database would be as up to date as the one at

I'm replying to my own post with two sites that I found for doing
restricted db searches, in case anyone else is interested.

1) FASTA and TFASTA implementation by Don Gilbert at Indiana University. 


You can search one of the following db subsets:

oryza            rice
poaceae          wheat,corn,rice and related
rattus           rat
murinae          rat,mouse and related

2) BLAST searches of fly sequence via the Berkley Drosophila Genome Project.


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