Transformations with Drosophila

Greg Gloor ggloor at
Mon Sep 16 10:42:29 EST 1996

In article <v01510101ae5f810fc3ed@[]>, rwoodru at BGNET.BGSU.EDU
(Ron  Woodruff) wrote:

> I need to buy a microscope, micromanipulator, etc., to inject Drosophila
> eggs with P element plasmids. Can anyone pleae give me advice on what
> system is best (cheapest).  Is vibration a problem?  Thank you for your
> help. Ron Woodruff


My system is quite inexpensive, and quite good for us. 

I use a Narishige MN-151 micromanipulator that is mounted on a plexiglass
block that is mounted on an Olympus SZ40 with 10X eyepieces and a 2X
objective. The slide sits on another plexiglass block. I shine the light
so that it reflects off a piece of tinfoil  under the plexiglass back up
through the embryos. I can easily see and follow cellularization and kill
those that are too advanced. The needle is attached to an infant feeding
tube and a syringe. Vibration is not a problem as long as someone is not
banging on the table. We routinely get >50% survival after injecting
through the chorion under oil with this setup and 1% of the survivors are

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