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ITO, Kei itokei at
Tue Apr 1 09:53:32 EST 1997

Karl-Friedrich Fischbach wrote:
>I subscribed to this mailinglist long ago and found it quite useful for
>a while. Unfortunately I forgot how to unsubscribe. I guess that a
>simple posting to the community "unsubscribe" will not do.
>Can any one post the procedure that might help many like myself to

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, send the
following command in email to "biosci-server at":

unsubscribe dros yourname at

(This command should be in the body text, not in the subject.)

For example, if I were to unsubscribe, the command would look like:

unsubscribe dros itokei at

Hope this helps.

BTW, many people seem to try leaving the mailing list that has been
occupied by the God and Neo-Nazi scum. Instead, we could 'dilute' the
appearance of such 'contamination' by encouraging ourselves to have more
posts that are related to active and concrete scientific discussion...

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