Godless people-----STOP

Adam Noel Harris adhar at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 10 10:44:49 EST 1997

Thomas R. Anderson (babco at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
: Again-----ENOUGH!!!!!

The obnoxious posts are almost certainly coming from the other newsgroups
to which the God* threads are crossposted.  Your post was directed to
bionet.drosophila only.

Until the newsgroup/mailing-list is moderated, these posts will likely
continue.  Again, I recommend the use of a killfile for those so equipped.
The Unix newsreaders rn, trn, slrn, and tin all have filtering capable.
As far as I know, Netscape News does not.  I have no idea about Internet

One day we will be able to solve high schoolers' problem sets in peace.


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