[bio.dros] Flies and CO2

Eric Nilsson nilsson at fly.erato.jst-c.go.jp
Mon Feb 17 22:55:00 EST 1997

Since one can use less CO2 than N2 to achieve the same state of non-moving
flies, I would suspect that CO2 anesthesia does more than just displace
oxygen.  My best guess would be that a ventilation/perfusion mismatch is
induced, causing a respiratory acidosis, which probably causes
unconsciousness (at least, the flies do not move any more).  This does an
awful lot of extrapolating from vertebrate models, however.

Eric Nilsson

>Please help to settle an argument in our lab.  What is the mechanism by
>which CO2 anaesthatizes Drosophila?
>Many thanks
>Martin Cann
>mjcann at med.cornell.edu
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