New addressing routine for Bloomington stock shipments

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Sun Jan 5 17:16:33 EST 1997

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directly. *

We had many complaints about our use of a single mailing address,
including addressee, for all members of a user group.  I promised
to try to remedy this situation while improving the software I
use for stock request processing and have now done so.  Beginning
with our 1/6/97 stock shipment, the name of the person who placed
the stock request will appear on stock shipment mailing labels
rather than the name of your previously designated 'receiver of

The consequences to be aware of:

1.  We can now use different group members' names on mailing
labels but we still require a single local address for all users
of a given BUN.  Only the address you provided when you requested
or updated your BUN is used - variants provided with individual
stock requests are ignored.  If your mail room needs an 'in care
of' line, or some other information, to successfully deliver our
packages please let me know what needs to be included and I will
update your group's mailing address.  

2.  When different group members place separate orders in the
same cycle all stocks will be shipped to one person - usually
whoever ordered first.  Please make sure that all stock users in 
your lab understand that even with the new system the stocks they 
ordered may not arrive addressed to them.  

Happy New Year to all.

--  Kathy

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