P-inserts at 90C

Leif Sxndergaard lsunicph at BIOBASE.DK
Fri Jan 10 07:41:22 EST 1997

Hi Flypeople,
We are interested in P inserts at 90C on the third chromosome. Apparently 
all stocks which is recorded in the flybase gene section is not available 
anymore and the Bloomington Stock Center has only one. Therefore I would 
apreciate very much if anybody, who has one or more such stock(s), would 
send me a subculture or just e-mail me.

Have a nice fly-day,

Leif Sondergaard
Inst. of Molecular Biology
Dept. of Genetics
Univ. of Copenhagen
O. Farimagsgade 2A
DK-1353 Copenhagen K

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