Books&Greenspan's new one

lappel at lappel at
Fri Jan 24 15:17:10 EST 1997

Ashburner's books are available from Cold Spring Harbor Press
1-800-843-4388 or cshpress at

The addresses were easily at hand because I had the catalog in the pile on
my desk because of another interesting-looking book from CSH Press:
Fly Pushing: the Theory and Practice of Drosophila Genetics, by Ralph J.

Has anyone seen Greenspan's book yet?  The catalog said it was due out in the
3rd quarter of 1996, but I'd like to get comments from any flypeople who've
 looked at it, before I try justifying it on the book budget. (Blurb in the
catalog looked great, but don't they all?)

Laurel F. Appel
Dept of Biol
Wesleyan Univ
Middletown, CT 06459 

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