Teenage Mutant Ninja Fruit Flies

Mark Thorson eee at netcom.com
Sat Jan 25 13:24:49 EST 1997

I've been looking at the Carolina Biological catalog at
their _D._melanogaster_, and I'd like to know something
about the mutant strains.  First, what is the "dumpy"
strain, and what is "lpo/aldox".

Also, I've been thinking it might be easier to raise
the wingless mutant, because I won't have to anaesthetize
them before opening the culture to keep them from flying
about.  But I also want to raise a fair quantity for use
as animal food.  Would the wingless mutant be as prolific
as the normal types?  I'm concerned they might have trouble
mating.  Carolina does offer strains for non-genetic
purposes that have mutant wings that restrict flying,
but I'm thinking that wingless might be more efficient
because the flies wouldn't be wasting protein making
wings or calories from using their wings.  There's no
price difference between the cultures sold for non-genetic
purposes and the pure strains.

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