Chromosome location help...

Graham Cromar/Annette Tavares-Cromar argiope at
Mon Jan 27 23:42:32 EST 1997

This question is a little confusing.  Are you saying that you want to find
out where the location of a known trait is?  or are we talking about a
*new* mutation?  If you are looking for the chromosomal location of a known
gene, then you can look it up in a recent volume of DROSOPHILA INFORMATION
SERVICE.  I have a copy and could look it up for you if this is the case. 
What is the trait?

Graham Cromar
argiope at

> On 25 Jan 1997, Neil McKenna wrote:
> > Does anyone know where I would be able to find out on which chromosome
> > particular trait is? I need it to compare with my experimental results.
> > Thanks very much. 
> > 
> > Neil McKenna
> > Department of Biochemistry
> > Carleton University

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