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>Hi netters- just a quick note about the presentation of crossing schemes.
>I have to prepare a number of schemes for publication and have yet to find a 
>word processing package that supports the symbol for male and female. Apart
>from adding these by hand does anybody have any advice? I am currently mac
>based so relevant fonts/packages would be appreciated. Thanks in advance-
>Richard M Badge.

The Apple LaserWriter now comes as standard with a font called Zeal.  This
has virgin, female and male symbols on option1,2 and 4.  You may need to
install the font on the Mac from the disks which came with the laserprinter
(assuming you have access to one).

I can't remember where I saw it, but I think these character codes are
actually 'designated' as male and female symbols in an Apple character set
definition. (I thought it was mentioned in the Mac Bible, but I can't find
it there) - its just that most font-designers decide to leave them blank or
put in some other character they think is more useful!


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