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Tue Jul 1 18:00:06 EST 1997

I am a journalist of "Québec Science" a Canadian scientific magazine. The
subject of the paper I am preparing is laboratory animals. I will present
some animals that are used in research, the drosophila for example.  I
would be very happy if you tell me:
1. Why you choose to use this insect in your research activities.
2. Are there incovenients to use it
3. How do you like your drosophila? Do you become infatuated with 
4. Where do you find your drosophila
5. Is drosophila have futur in the laboratories
6. Are there famous researches that were done with this nematod
7. Where did researchers began to use drosophila
8. How do you take care of your drosophila

Thank you for your consideration,

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