Timed embryo

Stephen Hall hallsg at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 11 12:28:16 EST 1997

Hello again,

Adam found another error in my most recent post. I seem to be constantly
making typos here.  It is always the middle of the night when I post this
info.  The data I gave should be "hours" reqd for embryonic development,
not "days".

A paper we did discusses this data as well as how we used a ts allele to analyze
function of a cell adhesion molecule during neural development.  The reference

Hall and Bieber, J. Neurobiol. 32: 325-340 (1997)

Will be glad to send a reprint if anyone wants it.  Contact me by email if
you see any more errors or want to discuss it further.



> For example if you calculate the y term, which is age in number of days, at 
> 25°C, you get 24.5 days for embryonic development, which is very close to the
> observed time of 25 days.
> Here is some actual data from a study done a few years ago.
> Temp C°       Days req'd for 
>           embryonic development
>   16             71
>   18             54
>   20             41
>   22             31
>   25             24
>   28             20
>   29             17
> Obviously, the analysis falls apart outside of this temperatures.  The
> doesn't mean a great deal since the only meaningful temperatures in Drosophila
> development are between 18°Ç and 25°C.  It just looks cools. :)

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