Genes and sequences in the Adh region of chromosome arm 2L.

Michael Ashburner (Genetics) ma11 at
Tue Jul 15 12:38:55 EST 1997

The Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project has almost finished the entire
genomic sequence of the "Adh region" - defined as the region between (and 
including) the genes kuzbanian (34C5) and dachshund (36A1-2). The
sequence data are all available from the Berkeley web server
( We have written to all those who
we know to have an interest in a gene or genes in this region. If
you have - and have not received our email - you may wish to contact
one of us. We can provide both sequence data and mutations (alleles and
aberrations) for study, except for the very few genes our own groups
are actively working on.

Gerry Rubin (gerry at
Michael Ashburner (m.ashburner at
John Roote (jr32 at

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