Shields And Sang's Modified Culture Medium (MM3) solubility problems!!

Eric Falke efalke1 at
Tue Jul 29 10:28:53 EST 1997

Hello fly folk,
	We've been trying to make up modified MM3 medium according to Cullen
and Milner's 1991  "Parameters of growth in primary cultures and cell
lines established from Drosophila imaginal discs" paper in Tissue and
Cell 23 (1): 29-39 and as used by Li and Meinertzhagen, 1995, in 
"Candidates for the Primary Culture of eye imaginal discs from Drosph.
Melanogaster" J. Neurobiology 28 (3): 363-380. 

	At any rate, we've tried making it up according to both the Ashburner
Drosoph. Manual protocol and according to the Cullen and Milner method. 
Either way, once all ingredients are added the solution is clear, but
after about an hour of stirring (no heat) it gets very clouded with
precipitate. We've heard that this is a common problem. Any ideas? 

Please reply to efalke1 at

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